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An undisturbed desert oasis awaits you.

An undisturbed desert oasis awaits you ... High caliber customer service is yours. Let the peaceful and rich natural rolling beauty of the Sheep and Spring Mountains married with lush greens and sparkling lakes serve as the backdrop for your next event. Whatever the occasion - celebrating your wedding honoring milestones, on retreat with your company, or casual festivities - our professional team of event coordinators will cover every detail so you can actually relax and enjoy your day.

This is the view from our table. What's yours? Flanked with floor to ceiling windows that literally bring the outdoors "in" and naturally illuminate with the serenity of the clear blue skies by day and the golden hues of glorious sunsets by night, our 50,000 square foot clubhouse can accommodate many different styles of occasions and a varied number of guests.The entire facility space at Paiute is flanked by floor to ceiling windows, complete with a private foyer entrance, an outdoor terrace, accompanying lawn, restrooms, A/V & Wi-Fi capabilities.

Photos captured by: Moxie Studio